who are we?

Divingmar was founded in 2015 in Malaga (Spain), but to understand its origin we must go to Sakhalin (Russia) in 1992, when GIP BINOM (Grupo Industrial Pesquero Binom) was created following the union of a number of fishing cooperatives in the province of Sakhalin. These were exclusively focussed on the extraction and processing of biological marine resources. The abbreviation Binom can be interpreted as “Non-exploited biological marine resource”.

GIP BINOM carried out a scientific research to develop new objectives, with the primary focus on the sustainable use of marine resources.

The results of the company’s research were analysed in the session of the scientific–technical councils of the State Committee of Fisheries of Russia, and were positively received by distinguished academics and experts in the fishing sector.

In 1997 Binom was recognised as the largest producer of crab in the world.

In 2002 it expanded its business structure, putting into place the production of Agar-Agar and dietary supplements.

In 2013 Nika, an subsidiary of Binom, centred its attention on the study of the extraction of japanese Laminaria from Sakhalin, an indigenous species from the rocky depths of the clear and cold waters where forests of laminaria grow. Currently, Binom applies all the technological advances they have acquired since their start to their traditional and sustainable operations.

To distribute their products in the Far East, Binom created in Moscow the subsidiary ALGAE WORLD, S.L.

In 2015 Binom started exporting Kombu kelp to Europe, creating a local office in Malaga (Spain), Divingmar Cosecha Marina, a young company consisting of a team of marine and trade professionals with a single aim: to offer an excellent product to Europe in accordance with the new demands of the food industry market.

Our philosophy and mission are based on three fundamental pillars:

  • Teamwork of both the Spanish team and the team in the original location, sharing experiences
  • Confidence in our product: wild Kombu kelp (Japanese Laminaria) is unique and has an excellent quality
  • Sustainability of the species

Delighted with the quality and nutritional properties of Kombu kelp from Sakhalin and following strict government quality controls, Divingmar Cosecha Marina puts forward the commercialisation of Kombu kelp, a surprisingly versatile marine vegetable which is extraordinarily beneficial for health in general.

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