Given the benefits associated with eating Kombu seaweed, it can be used as an important dietary component. In addition to the nutritional and health benefits, Kombu seaweed possesses technological characteristics that enable it to be incorporated into other foodstuffs.

Kombu seaweed and legumes

kombu fresh legumbres

The nutritional composition of Kombu seaweed is really important in its usage as another ingredient in our diet, but mixing it with legumes is particularly remarkable, what is more, it is one of the rising tendencies in the current market, where the consumer, worried by their health, bets on foodstuffs of a high nutritional value.

Therefore nowadays, Kombu seaweed is essential with legumes, it cannot fail: rich in the amino acid methionine which legumes lack, if we add Kombu to legumes we will have a high-quality protein dish with the full range of amino acids.

Furthermore, Kombu seaweed is rich in alginic acid, which acts as a natural purifier for the intestines, strengthening them in the process.

Kombu Fresh legumbres

Kombu seaweed and Cereals

divingmar kombu fresh cereales2

Cereals are particularly interesting because of their energetic contribution, and are a source of vitamins and dietary fibre.

Their proteins are lacking in some essential amino acids such as lysine, this deficit can be compensated by the addition of Kombu seaweed as an ingredient in dishes made with cereals or mixing them into the manufacture of flour. Flours with seaweed already exist in the market with which biscuits; nibbles and various breads can be made, bringing an added value to these foodstuffs.

Kombu seaweed can be added to all kinds of cereals and pasta with very good results, the addition of seaweed improves the gluten’s performance, increases the content of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron and trace elements such as iodine, directly increasing the amount and quality of the proteins.

Kombu seaweed in meat and Prepared Dishes

kombu fresh carnes

Based on studies and conclusive tests, adding seaweed to meat products brings lots of benefits, on the one hand the meat-seaweed system possesses high-quality proteins, in addition Kombu brings antioxidant compounds, improving oxidative stability during the food’s storage.

Due to its composition, Kombu seaweed positively influences the properties of the gel/emulsion system of the meat, favouring the formation of firmer and chewier structures, with a greater capacity for water and fat retention.

The researchers Lopez-Lopez et al. showed that adding Kombu seaweed to hamburgers favours an increase in the dietary fibre content and minerals such as calcium, it also maintains normal amounts of sodium and a low sodium/potassium ratio.

Other researchers, Choi et al. partially replaced the fatty matter in hamburgers with Kombu seaweed, which produced great elasticity and improved the general quality.

In conclusion, the addition of seaweed to prepared products naturally strengthens the flavour, improves the texture and chewiness, reduces the elasticity; but on the other hand, we add an exquisite and innovative element in the product, increasing the fibre content, vitamins and minerals, giving it an added value appreciated by the current consumers.

Kombu seaweed in Salads

el alga kombu como ingrediente en alimentos ensaladas

Adding Kombu seaweed as an ingredient to salads is very easy: it adds fibre, protein and a great amount of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and iodine.

It accentuates the flavours of the rest of the ingredients.

Nutritional benefits for the family

divingmar kombu fresh familia1

Healthy and natural food is one of the basic necessities for life, and family is the base of life.

Our aim is a healthy life, full of energy and with a balanced diet so as to enjoy it to the full surrounded by your loved ones.

Kombu seaweed gives us its properties, a 100% natural foodstuff that contributes to children and teenagers’ growth thanks to its high protein content and mainly its essential amino acids, for which it is good in biscuits and all their by-products.

Kombu seaweed is an excellent source of key minerals, which are the best providers of biologically absorbable minerals for the human body, ideal for the whole family.

Kombu seaweed is low in fat, sugar and calories, it is an essential ingredient for feeding our children so that they grow up healthy and full of vitality.

Kombu seaweed provides your family with more fibre and calcium

Kombu seaweed in Sport

kombu fresh deporte

Kombu seaweed is highly rated in athletes’ diets, based on a good selection of foods of high nutritional value and which compensate the needs of micronutrients like minerals and vitamins, and here the consumption of Kombu seaweed has an important mention due to its high magnesium content.

Kombu seaweed helps to maintain muscle function, supports your immune system, maintains a regular heartbeat and helps to strengthen bones.

In an athlete’s diet, seaweed can be a good alternative to counterbalance the loss of minerals and water due to exercise. A serving of cereals enriched with Kombu seaweed is an excellent snack after training.

Kombu seaweed and women

Did you know that almost 40% of the Spanish population are women aged 49 years old?
Did you know that this target group more frequently require foods where the nutritional properties are prioritised and that have an antioxidant effect and are natural?

Nowadays, women require foods with beneficial properties for their health, for which we cannot forget that Kombu seaweed is an ingredient that, added like an additional vegetable, is gaining importance in the health food sector since Kombu seaweed reinforces the immune and digestive systems, has a satiating effect and is a fantastic purifier for the whole body, stimulating the elimination organs, especially the kidneys. .

“Adding Kombu seaweed to your food intake, you will achieve a balanced, varied and healthy diet”

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