SEAWEED. Vegetables of the sea

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Edible seaweed, also called a marine vegetable, makes up a group of marine vegetables spread out in the depths of the seas and the oceans.

But are we really familiar with eating seaweed?

Since antiquity, seaweed has formed a part of the oriental diet, whilst in Europe, these vegetal species were used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, as well as in the food industry to a lesser extent.

However, gastronomic tendencies in Europe are changing especially due to the consumer’s interest in natural, healthy products that are rich in nutrients and it is here that beautiful oceanic plants play an important role. As a matter of fact, today, seaweed represents an important part of the exploited marine resources on our planet. According to the FAO, they collected more than 165 million tonnes, either waste or agricultural, and the world production for consumption increases by approximately 30% every year.

It is not even excessive to predict that seaweed will become considered as a widely eaten foodstuff in our diets in a not too distant future.

Seaweed can be included in normal diets as well as in special ones as an accompaniment or for specific intake. As a matter of fact, its nutritional properties bring promising perspectives that, in the western world, constitute another way to valorise seaweed in the human diet ((MacArtain et al, 2007).

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