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  • Kombu seaweed and legumes
    “Rich in glutamic acid which softens the fibres in other foodstuffs, therefore its use in legumes, which reduces their cooking time, improves their taste and increases the digestibility of the dish.”
  • Kombu seaweed and Cereals
    “Kombu seaweed increases the content of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron and trace elements such as iodine also increase the quantity and quality of the proteins.”
  • Kombu seaweed in meat and Prepared Dishes
    “Kombu seaweed favours the increase in dietary fibre and minerals such as calcium, and also maintains normal levels of sodium and a low sodium/potassium ratio.”
  • Kombu seaweed in Salads
    “Adding Kombu seaweed as an ingredient to salads is very easy: it adds fibre, protein and a great amount of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and iodine.”
  • Nutritional benefits for the family
    “Kombu seaweed provides your family with more fibre and calcium.”
  • Kombu seaweed in Sport
    “Kombu seaweed helps us to feel full of energy, it gives us vitamins and minerals and has an alkalising effect.”
  • Kombu seaweed and women
    “Adding Kombu seaweed to your food intake, you will achieve a balanced, varied and healthy diet.”

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